Stressing end Slab Anchorage BM13/15

Stressing end Slab Anchorage BM13/15

   Stressing end usually includes 3 or 4 parts:anchor head,bearing plate , wedge ,and (or) spiral reinforcement . Jack YDC240QX-200 hydraulic pump ZB4-500 provide tensioning operation. Dead end has two types:type P and type H.Type P usually include 4 parts: swaging fitting, bearing plate, spiral reinforcement and restraining ring.GYJB50-150 fitted for ZB4-500 shall be used to form the swaging fitting.For the type H ,spiral reinforcement and restraining ring are included.The YH3 bulb machine fitted with ZB4-500 pump shall be used to form the bulbs of strands.


1.Wedge 2.Slab anchor head 3.Slab bearing plate 4.Strand 5.Sleel oval duct 6.Spiral reinforcement

Usually say "one set" for this type anchorage including 1,2,3.If need "spiral reinforcement",please note it.


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