Post-tensioning System in the Girder


                                    1.Strand 2.Tooling anchor 3. Jack 4.Spacing plate 5.Working anchor(stressing end)                                  6.Duct 7.Coupler 8.Grouting pipe 9.Vent 10. Dead anchor Type P(alternatively)

    Post-tensioning System consists of anchorage(stressing end, dead-end),coupler,strand, and duct.For strands with various diameters.The system contains several types of anchorages such as YM13(strand Dia 12.4mm,12.7mm,12.9mm),YM15 (strand Dia 15.24mm,15.7mm),BM(slab anchorage),etc.,which feature:

    *Wide selection of anchor type.Full range of tendon sizes are available(1-55 strands and larger sizes are available on request).

    *Ducts of steel or PE.

    *No need to accurately determine strand length in anvance.

    *High anchoring coefficient,reliable and stable.

     For Besten Post System:

                            +Anchor coefficient:ηa≥0.95

                            +Total strain at ultimate tensile force: ξapμ≥2.0%  

    *Simple and reliable equipment for installation,tensioning and grouting.


                              1.WasherI(When needed) 2.Jack 3.WasherII(When needed) 4.Spacer 5.Working wedge 6.Working anchor head                                       7.Spiral reinforcement 8.Strand 9.Bearing plate 10.Tooling anchor(assemblies)     


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